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Year XXIII, No. 8 (August 2019)


Sanvm Baba (piano)
Chantal Lu (piano)
Denise Chong (saxophone)
Logan Watts (guitar)
Brayden Watts (piano)
Alyssa Spataro (piano)
Sienna Spataro (piano)
Samantha Bernadino (piano)



Aryan Ihshan, Lucas Ghandour, Jonathan Thompson, Jeffrey Su, Nicole Huang, Matthew Gao, Ava Ford, Melaney Peter, Mavrik Sun, Kristin Zerczi, James Li, Arthur Tea, Sara Cheng, Esther Fang, Ramsey Kilani, Matthew Shum, Ishaan Randhawa, Vithushan Jeyanthakumar, Angelique Erry, Thalia Kattan, Nicholas Choo, Opal Yang, Yoyo Chi, Jacky Chi, Jonathan Wang, Ria Karagiorgos, Jamie Cheung, Kishan Bilimoria, Aryan Dadgar, Nicole Xie, Jocelyn Wang, Lucas Ghandour, Francesco Caruso, Ashley Mansfield, Ella Nash, Seth Baldsing, Ana Milutinovic, Simona Milutinovic, Ryan Lam, Rachael James, Meredith Godwin, Louis Chan, Elysha Morrison, Alyssa Mureddu




August 10. RCM mock examinations.
August 9-10. RCM theory examinations.
August 12-24. RCM practical examinations.
August 31. Toronto Youth Symphony Orchestra auditions applications deadline.




The IMA is offering to all students who are registered for RCM examinations an opportunity to play their entire program prior to their examination. The mock examinations for the upcoming RCM Winter session is scheduled at the IMA – Stouffville recital hall on Saturday, August 10 at 1 pm. There are many advantages of playing the examination program in public prior to the examination. Students gain more confidence, become aware of passages that still need more practicing and perform better at their examinations.



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We have been very pleased with the continuous success of our students. They have improved a great deal and we share their excitement with their families, friends, neighbors, and schoolmates. We appreciate your interest towards our programs and services. We are always very happy to welcome new students of all ages, levels, and instruments to the iMA. Please tell your friends about your experience with the International Music Academy.

Do you know someone who is thinking of taking music lessons or who has children who may be interested in getting their hands on a musical instrument or singing? Do you know a teenager who needs a high school OAC credit? Do you know an adult who has wanted for a long time to learn how to play a musical instrument but has never had the time or inclination? Please tell them about the IMA.

As an appreciation for your referral, we will give you a $30 credit for each new student who registers at the International Music Academy as a result of your referral. As we value your friends as much as we value you, we will offer to each referred student a $30 credit as well.



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The IMA offers personalized Gift Cards that could be used as thoughtful birthday, holiday, bar/bat Mitzvah, graduation gift or for any other occasions as well as to encourage someone to start learning a musical instrument or singing. The card can be used for any products or services.

The gift card is available for any amount. As cards are personalized with the name of the person who will receive it as well as with the name of the person who purchase it, requests have to be made 1 day in advance. Cards can be ordered in person, by phone at 905.489.4620 or by e-mail at info@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca. At the time the card is ordered, a non-refundable $5 deposit is required. The full value of the card is paid upon pick-up (and the deposit is credited towards the purchase price). Payments can be made by any major credit card, cheque or cash as well as through the accounts of the IMA Clients.



2/08/1945               Mascagni died
8/08/1975               Shostakovich died
09/08/1919            Leoncavallo died
10/08/1928            Janacek died
12/08/1992            John Cage died
13/08/1912            Massenet died
22/08/1928            Stockhausen was born
22/08/1862            Debussy was born
25/08/1918            Bernstein was born
26/08/1958            Vaughan Williams died
28/08/1959            Martinu died

Where you born or do you know someone who was born on the same day as these famous composers? Drop us e-mail at info@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca to let us know.





Guitar Studies and Interpretation, Music Theory

ArshiaMr. Arshia Malekzadeh has graduated from PARS school of music with a Diploma in electric guitar and classical music theory and harmony. He also graduated from TAR Music Institute earning a Diploma in jazz composition. He also earned a bachelor degree in electronics from the Science and Research University in Iran. Currently, Mr. Malekzadeh teaches at Arcadia Academy and maintains a private studio. He is experienced in music recording and production and is the composer and lead guitarist of the band “Master of Persia”.  Mr. Malekzadeh teaches all aspects of music, including technique, theory, improvising, harmony and concert presentation, to students of all ages.

Mr. Malekzadeh was happy to answer a few questions for our students and parents:

1. What do you like most about teaching? In my opinion, art is a divine gift and anyone who is able to spread this gift is responsible for it. As an instructor, I enjoy observing how teaching music and getting people involved with it, can change they behavior and outlook.

2. How do you inspire students to practice more? Although this gift (art) is valuable the person who is willing to have it should also be ready and receptive. The method I use for teaching is structured and sets goals for my-self and for the student. I also recommend pieces, which the student might like and feel inspired.

3. What roles does performance play in student’s development? Performance can be really important, if it happens in the right time and place. It can build confidence, it can bring more attention to the instrument or it can even be inspiring.

4. Who are your favourite composers? I listen to a vast selection of genres, from classic to jazz, fusion and of course Rock & Metal . I like listening to J.S. Bach, W.A Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Holst and also Ben Tenkard,  Jimmy Sommers, Euge Groove, Shawn Lane, Guthrie Govan, Buckethead, Symphony-X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve vai, Joe Satriani…

5. What was the last piece of music (sheet music or a recording) you purchased for yourselfI It was the last album of my favorite band Symphony-X, “Underworld”.



Renée White

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Kristian:Documents:IMA:IMA Markham:Photos:Renee White.jpg What instrument do you play? –  The instrument I play is the piano and I have been playing it since I was 4 years old, however, I have experience playing many other instruments, such as the alto and baritone saxophone, trumpet and violin. I've learned most of these instruments at school in my repertoire band and have brought my prior knowledge of RCM Piano Theory into my classes.

How long have you taken lessons? – I have been taking lessons for almost 12 years, first starting off in an academy, then branching out into private lessons and now to the IMA where I have learned theory and used the immense knowledge to my benefit!

Who are your favourite musical artists? – Right now, I currently don't have many favourites, I am listening to a lot of Twenty One Pilots, Ruel and Billie Eilish though since I am fond of artists who self-produce and write their own lyrics. Also, I like artists who relate their lyrics and music back to their struggles or real-world problems they might have faced. Formerly, my favourite artists were BTS since they were self-producing and self-composing and talked about various struggles in our society and issues on mental health.

What are your other hobbies, besides music? – My hobbies would be reading, listening to music and volunteering at my local community centre. I took a break from reading for a while due to school, but I am eager to start again.

Favourite food? – My favourite food is sushi, mainly because I am vegetarian and sushi is very inclusive for vegetarians since you can add many ingredients and make it as flavourful as possible. 

What is the coolest thing you’ve learnt in your lessons in the past three months? Recently, I was asked to play a piece for my aunt's wedding and it was such a familiar and seemingly challenging piece to me that I was excited to learn it. Through many hardships and discouraging moments, I learned the whole song and it sparked a passion to learn more secular songs rather than classical music.

Do you have any performance coming up? – No, I do not have any performances coming up, but I might work towards it!

E-mail to info@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca a photo of yourself (or your child) together with the answers of the questions above. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of every month. We will feature you in one of the next issues of the newsletter.



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Kristian:Desktop:download.jpeg

Music education could help children improve their language skills


While many people often consider music a universal language, a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study done in Beijing shows that it may help with spoken language as well.
Kindergarten students who took piano lessons showed increased capabilities to distinguish pitch and understand spoken words -- and it showed up on their brain scans, according to the study's findings.

Researchers from the International Data Group (IDG)/McGovern Institute at Beijing Normal University wanted to compare the effects of music education on reading versus standard reading training. The reading training included an interactive reading experience, in which the teacher read words aloud from enlarged texts, and the students read along with the teacher. PHOTO/Getty Images
"If children who received music training did as well or better than children who received additional academic instruction, that could be a justification for why schools might want to continue to fund music,” Robert Desimone, Ph.D., senior author of the research article and director of MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, explained.

A group of 74 Mandarin-speaking children, ages 4 to 5, were randomly assigned to three smaller groups. One group got piano training, the second group was trained in reading, and a third control group received no extra training at all. Piano training included 45-minute piano sessions three times a week.

After six months of piano lessons, researchers found that the students were better at differentiating between spoken words and vowel sounds. The group with reading training had similar results. However, the difference between these two groups came in “consonant-based word discrimination.” The piano lessons group did better; this correlated to the group’s response to differences in musical pitch, which was observed immediately after the children heard a pair of notes in a sound-proof room and were then asked to differentiate between pitches.

While the study involved a small sample size and the differences in performance between the piano lesson and reading groups weren't found in all studied areas, the researchers say that the findings were still significant when looking at language study.

"The children didn't differ in the more broad cognitive measures,” Desimone said, “but they did show some improvements in word discrimination, particularly for consonants. The piano group showed the best improvement there.”
STOCK PHOTO/Getty Images
Additionally, the brain activity of the students was measured with electroencephalography (EEG), a measurement of the electrical activity of the brain. The EEG showed stronger responses when piano students listened to a series of tones with different pitches.

The results of this study give a boost to the idea of music training in kindergarten students as a method of enhancing the way brain cells and neurons process and respond to pitch.

Although there were improved language processing and auditory word discrimination in the children who took piano lessons, all three experimental groups had similar outcomes in overall cognition measures, which included IQ, working memory, and attentiveness.

Desimone explained the potential benefits of this study.
"There are positive benefits to piano education in young kids, and it looks like for recognizing differences between sounds including speech sounds, it's better than extra reading," he said. "That means schools could invest in music and there will be [a] generalization to speech sounds. It's not worse than giving [an] extra reading to the kids, which is probably what many schools are tempted to do -- get rid of the arts education and just have more reading."



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